After finishing this course you will be able to apply, nude makeup, daytime and evening makeup, bridal makeup for special occasions.

You will learn about professional and decorative cosmetics, we will teach you how to give makeup advice for your future clients.

Besides that you can take a look into the shining world of fashion makeup.


16 occasions = 64 lessons
1 lesson = 45 min
1 occasion = 4 lessons


350.000 HUF + VAT


You will obtain basic theoretical knowledge about cosmetics. You will learn the recognition of the basic skin types, skin diseases, and learn many different disinfection methods. All of these are indispensable factors that contribute your work and your choices of proper materials.
Our tutorials about tools and materials will get you able to differentiate professional and decor cosmetics. Your choices of materials will be adapted to the situation and meeting several new products will not be a problem when it comes to decision making.

Our theoretical education helps you to use your obtained certification and professional practice in order to plan your career.

Through our practical lessons you may learn the basic makeup techniques (for example liquid makeup, contouring, eyebrow shaping, lip shaping). Later on you can acquire the attributions and specialties of nude makeup, day makeup, night makeup, ball makeup and bridal makeup. Besides these you can gain experience in gluing fake eyelashes and stones, and other decoration techniques.

Important goal of our education is to give you a professional attitude.

The strengths of our school is that we help you unfolding your unique style, we boost the makeup techniques which belong to it, and we help you to find a job adjusted to your personality.

You will get prepared notes and thematics in order to concentrate your attention on your techniques.

The last occasion of the course will be your final exam.

We can also help you with these:

  • Knowledge you already have will be calculated in your course’s length and pricing as well.
  • We can help you putting together a portfolio.
  • We can help you to get professional practice.
  • We can get you some work in a responsible way.
  • Given your good results and experience, you can be one of our prides. This means a professional reputation.
  • You can borrow the resources of our school. The building of the school is also available for rent on pre-agreed dates. It is much less difficult to start a career this way, because in the beginnings you probably don’t have the full equipment or your own salon.
  • Our partners provide significant discounts which benefit you well.
  • Dates of your lessons is something we handle flexible. Other studies, work, children should not be any problem.


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