Our make-up artist course includes the lessons of the Beauty make-up artist course. The two together create the first module of our ‘comprehensive make-up and special effects masterclass’. You can participate these one by one as well. They can be used as credits when you apply for further education.

The aim of the make-up artist course is to teach you the basic make-up techniques and get yourself ready to work in a professional environment, participate in a team, and create make-ups which satisfy the expectations.

We provide you the knowledge of the materials used by the profession. We teach you how to use glitters and other additional as well. You can learn here the preparation of unique additional and templates. This way you’ll be able to create your own fantasy make-ups. You also have the chance to get familiar with the materials used by special effects make-up artists, like special colours and blocking techniques.


26 occasions = 104 lessons

1 lesson = 45 min

1 occasion = 4 lesson


590.000 Ft + VAT

Scheme of the course

During the make-up artist course we provide you the knowledge below:
(besides the beauty make-up artist’ lessons)

Theoretical education is supplemented by essential elements for any make-up artist.
These are cosmetic knowledge, knowledge of materials used for special effects and blocking techniques as well as theory of the airbrush technique.

Practical part of your training will get you prepared for work in a professional environment. We teach you how to co-operate with different type of experts. You can learn how to adopt to a variety of themes and styling.

Parts of the practical lessons are body painting, fantasy make-up, competition make-up. You’ll also have the chance to experiment with extreme materials. You can create your own unique additional based on your own ideas. You can mix together everything the way your creativity and taste leads you.
This is what it takes to deal with serious expectations, because getting from mutual design to a full realisation is something you already gained some experience trough the course.

Learning basic special effects techniques absolutely supplements extreme make-ups. This is also part of your practical lessons.

Trough the course you will get prepared notes and thematics. This way you can focus on the make-ups.

The last occasion is the time of your final exam.

We can also help you with these:

– You can choose wigs, hair extensions, jewels for your designed work of the final exam from our resources.

– Knowledge you already have will be calculated in your course’s lengtht and pricing as well.

– We can help you putting together a portfolio.

– We can help you to get professional practice.

– We can get you some work in a responsible way.

– Given your good results and experience, you can be one of our prides. This means a professional reputation.

– You can borrow the resources of our school. The building of the school is also available for rent on pre-agreed dates. It is much less difficult to start a career this way, because in the beginnings you probably don’t have the full equipment or your own salon.

– Our partners provide significant discounts which benefit you well.

– Dates of your lessons is something we handle flexible. Other studies, work, children should not be any problem.


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