Theoretical and practical knowledge:

This course give you an up to date knowledge of makeup profession, theoretical and practical as well. In addition to makeup skills the acquisition of artistic, production and visual knowledge are also given priority role. In this way, the professionals who finish the Sminkes-Makeup Artist course get a professional foundation to contribute to the success of Hungarian and international films, TV films, series, documentaries and video clips. With their knowledge they also help to create stage productions, dance performances, concerts, etc.

Be a Professional Makeup Artist! Fulfill this course and work as a Makeup Artist.

License number: E-001205/2015/B002 • SzPk-00218-18-19 3 05 3

755.200 HUF

The knowledge you already have will be calculated in your course’s length and pricing as well. With this you can reduce your costs and educational time.
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1. Finsihed secondary education – intermediate degree

2. Medical test

3. Interview

About the licensed courses:

The Sminkes-Makeup Artist course qualifies as an approved course under the Act LXXVII of 2013 on Adult Education and its implementing regulations.

In this way, our program meets strict professional requirements in terms of content, as well as instructors and the material conditions.

The permit was granted in an official procedure with the assistance of several experts.

Authority: National Institute for Vocational and Adult Education

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate with the content required by law, which – similarly to the OKJ certificates – entitles him/her to fill a position.

Last but not least, the fees of the approved courses are not subject to VAT, thus the training fees are more favorable.

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  • Knowledge you already have will be calculated in your course’s length and pricing as well.
  • We can help you putting together a portfolio.
  • We can help you to get professional practice.
  • We can get you some work in a responsible way.
  • Given your good results and experience, you can be one of our prides. This means a professional reputation.
  • You can borrow the resources of our school. The building of the school is also available for rent on pre-agreed dates. It is much less difficult to start a career this way, because in the beginnings you probably don’t have the full equipment or your own salon.
  • Our partners provide significant discounts which benefit you well.
  • Dates of your lessons is something we handle flexible. Other studies, work, children should not be any problem.


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