If you interested in television and film productions, this is the right course for you. We will provide you all the knowledge you need in the world behind the cameras. This is our most exciting course of all, where you meet fake bloods, hairwork. You will also learn how to make bruises, cuts, wounds and a variety of other up to date solutions. We will teach you about appliances, the right techniques of application, painting and removal.


60 occassions = 240 lessons
1 lesson = 45 min
1 occasion = 4 lessons


1.980.000 HUF + VAT


In the Special Effects Makeup Artist course you can learn both of the Professional Makeup Artist and the Beauty Makeup Artist course and in addition.

Theoretical lessons are supplemented with studying:

  • HD techniques of film and related materials
  • deepened theoretical knowledge of airbrush
  • hairwork for film
  • hair styling and facial hair making for TV/film
  • professional expressions
  • knowledge of colour theory and colour contrasts

The last occasion is the time of your final exam.

Modules of the Special Effects Makeup Artist course

Creative face painting

Airbrush makeup „basics”

Airbrush makeup „advanced”

TV and Film makeup

Hair styling and bun combing for photoshoots and special occasions

Handcrafted hairwork

Basics of wig, beard and hair making

SFX Makeup – Realistic trauma I. (bruises, scars, grazes)

SFX Makeup – Realistic trauma II. (scratches, cuts, lacerations)

SFX Makeup – Realistic trauma III. (burns, stabs, gunshot wounds)

SFX Makeup – Realistic trauma IV. (infected wounds, diseases, realistic representations of dead and frozen bodies)

Various additional applications (bald caps, nose, ears etc.)

We can also help you with these:

  • Knowledge you already have will be calculated in your course’s length and pricing as well.
  • We can help you putting together a portfolio.
  • We can help you to get professional practice.
  • We can get you some work in a responsible way.
  • Given your good results and experience, you can be one of our prides. This means a professional reputation.
  • You can borrow the resources of our school. The building of the school is also available for rent on pre-agreed dates. It is much less difficult to start a career this way, because in the beginnings you probably don’t have the full equipment or your own salon.
  • Our partners provide significant discounts which benefit you well.
  • Dates of your lessons is something we handle flexible. Other studies, work, children should not be any problem.


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