If you are interested in television and film productions, this is the right course for you. We will provide you all the knowledge you need in the world behind the cameras. This is our most exciting course of all, where you meet fake bloods,hairwork.You’ll also learn how to make bruises, cuts, wounds, and a variety of other up to date solutions. We will teach you you about appliances, the right techniques of application, painting and removal.


Scheme of the course:

In the Special Effect Make-up Artist course you can learn both of the Professional Make-up Artist and the Beauty Make up Artist course and in addition: 

Theoretical lessons are supplemented with studying HD techniques of film and related materials. We will deepen your theoretical knowledge of airbrush, hairwork for film, hair styling and facial hair making for TV/FILM. We will give you a dictionary of professional expressions. A serious knowledge of colour theory and colour contrasts will be also given to yo.


90 occasions = 360 lessons

1 lesson = 45 min

1 occasion = 4 lessons


1.750.000 Ft + VAT

Full curriculum of the ‘special effects make-up artist’ course also contains the ‘BEAUTY MAKE UP ARTIST’ and ‘PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP ARTIST’ courses and the following:

Kreatív arcfestés

Creative face painting

  2 occasions = 8 lessons

  Price : 25.000.- Ft + VAT

Airbrush makeup I.

Airbrush makeup I. „Basics”

  3 occasions = 12 lessons

  Price: 75.000.- Ft + VAT

Airbrush makeup II. „Haladó”

Airbrush makeup II. „Advanced”

  3 occasions = 12 lessons

  Price:  75.000.- Ft + VAT

TV és Film makeup

Makeup for TV/FILM

10 occasions =   40 lessons

 Price: 240.000.- Ft + VAT

Frizura- és kontyfésülés fotózásokra, különleges alkalmakra

Hair styling and bun combing for photoshoots and special occasions

5 occasions = 20 lessons

Price: 98.000.- Ft + VAT

Handcrafted hairwork

2 occasions = 8 lessons

Price:   25.000.- Ft + VAT

Paróka, szakáll és szőrzetkészítési alapok

Basics of wig, beard and hair making

16 occasions = 64 lessons

Price: 250.000.- Ft + VAT

SFX makeup: Realisztikus trauma I. „zúzódások, hegek, horzsolások”

SFX makeup: Realistic trauma I. „bruises, scars, grazes”

5 occasions = 20 lessons

Price:  98.000.- Ft + VAT

SFX makeup: Realisztikus trauma II. „karmolások, vágások, tépések”

SFX makeup: Realistic trauma II. „scratches, cuts, lacerations”

5 occasions = 20 lessons

  Price: 98.000.- Ft + VAT

SFX makeup: Realistic trauma III. „burns, stabs, gunshot wounds”

5 occasions = 20 lessons

  Price: 98.000.- Ft + VAT

SFX makeup: Realistic trauma IV. „infected wounds, diseases, realistic representation of dead and frozen bodies ”

5 occasions = 20 lessons

  Price: 98.000.- Ft + VAT

Választott applikációk „pótrészek: kopaszparóka, orr-, fül- stb. felhelyezése”

Chosen „additional portions: application of bald caps, nose-, ear- etc.”

2 occasions = 8 lessons

  Price: 60.000.- Ft + VAT
(additional costs may arise based on your individual needs)

Karakterábrázolás „Fotózással”

Character Representation „photography”

3 occasions = 12 lessons

Price: 150.000.- Ft + VAT
(additional costs may arise based on your individual needs)


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