When developping a career, only a storng knowledge can bring it to success. If you are ambitious and you are looking for a profession where you can succeed, Budapest Makeup School can help you accomplish your plans.

We are proud to say that at Budapest Makeup School everything is about creativity, beauty and fantasy. In our well equipped studio, wide range of materials, products and tools can be found from different brands from all over the world.

During education we provide all the materials and tools for you. You can find a broad range of makeup products brought to you from the international market and Hungary as well.

During our courses we don’t cut your creativity. Any path you’d choose in the makeup world, we already have been there, so we can help you to make it. We kindly receive new ideas, actually we would like insipre you to come up with them.

Our groups are small groups which makes the classes more productive and efficient by giving more attention to one person. This factor also helps evolving a flexible schedule.

If you already have makeup skills, our school takes that into consideration by completing a knowledge survey that helps us to see at what level you are, so you will start learning from that level.

Tha aim of our school is to provide our students such knowledge that leads to success in this field anywhere in the world.

You can be one of them! Join us, and turn yourself into a successful person with us!